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Why choosing the LED flashlight bulbs

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The existing flashlights usually used incandescence bulbs as their light sources. With the large current, big power consumption, short time battery supply, the incandescence bulbs are easy to consume the battery. While, if their power source use the recharging battery, the batteries’ life span will shorten quickly. Besides, the incandescent bulbs are used in the fixed voltage, when the voltage of the battery is lower than the bulbs rated voltage, the bulbs will dim. If the voltage is higher than the bulbs rated voltage, the bulbs will be damaged easily. Therefore, the above mentioned character makes the incandescence bulbs with restricted application scope not exchange with other voltage bulbs. What’s more, the osram and tungsten filament bulbs are, not aseismatic, fragile products. Beyond those, the incandescence bulbs’ lifetime is very short, and intensity of them is lower than LEDs’ when they are powered by the same source. Much more than those, the traditional flashlight with incandescence bulbs will be very dim after 2 to 3 hours use, but the LED flashlights can light for a much longer time, even for 10 hours without replacing batteries. Owing to this character, LED bulbs are ideal for field operation and mining industry, and other longtime lighting works.

Nowadays, there are many flashlights adopting LEDs as the light source. But, as LEDs have high demand to the stability of power supply, they need to design the special LED drivers to ensure LEDs working steadily. Usually the flashlight manufactures equip the LED driver together with the LED. In this design, if any one of the two parts is damaged, the flashlight will unable to light, and the professionals would be requested to maintain or replace them. Thus it would be inconvenient to users.

LED flashlight bulbs designed by Deshun Technology were built-in high efficiency LED drivers which enable the bulbs to be used in the wide-range voltage, for example, 1V~4.5V, 1V~9V, 3.2V~9V and etc.. The bulbs will be safe under those voltage ranges, and their brightness just changed a little as they are low power consumption. In addition, those multi-power replacement LED bulbs offer an easy way to convert many standard flashlights into LED flashlights by directly replacing the traditional incandescence bulbs. For wider applications, they are optional with many colors, such as white, red, green, blue, yellow and so on.

Description of LED flashlight bulbs

  • Being solid state components, shock-resistant
  • Lower power consumption, higher intensity than incandescence bulbs’
  • In standard bulb base, replacing the existing flashlight bulbs directly.
  • High tech, ultra-bright, operation life up to 50,000 hours, never need replacement.
  • Energy saving, eco-friendly products.
  • Deshun’s LED bulbs are set inside high efficient constant current LED drivers to ensure full electricity transmission.
  • Deshun’s LED bulbs are not only universal for a variety of voltage flashlights but also common for 18V tooling flashlights. They can be used in 2 to 6 cells rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries flashlights,