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Ideas for Designing of LED Products

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  • For 1 watt LED, its nominal current is 350mA. If increasing the driver current, the brightness will also increase and the heat produced by the LED will be more. So, if LED’s heat dissipation capacity is insufficient, which will accelerate LED Lumens depreciation. However, when designing LED products with discontinuous operation, we can improve its brightness by increasing the driver current appropriately. On the contrary, if continuous operation for the long time, especially for those products with insufficient heat dissipation capacity, decreasing LED driver current should be adopted to extend the life span of the LED.
  • It is extraordinarily necessary to add a temperature control circuit in the LED products with insufficient heat-emitting capacity. As a product with such circuit, if the temperature increases, the temperature sensor can detect the heat. It will automatically decrease the LED driver’s output current to reduce generation of the heat, so as to get its temperature into control.
  • We once have consulted LED heat sink manufactures, “what power of the LED light can be used with your heat sink?” “How large the LED driver current should be rated?” “What is the surface  temperature of the LED light body when working?” Answers from most of the manufacturers are “I don’t know”. Meanwhile same answers have been got from LED drivers manufacturers. In such condition, the LED light’s brightness and body temperature can’t reach an optimum efficiency. As many LED light manufacturers producing LED products are only from simply assembly – outsourcing LEDs, heat sink, even LED drivers.   
  • As LEDs produce light through the movement of the electron, and lighting response time is very quick. When designing of the LED driver, the delay of the LED driver should be cut down in maximum possibility. Especially for the brake light, any lighting delay could be an extremely dangerous thing.
  • Select MC PCB. As MC PCB is made up of metal and insulation materials, the last one is of vital importance to heat-conducting property. So that, we need to take thermal conductivity and insulativity of insulating layer into consideration when choosing MC PCB. A bad capacity of the above mentioned two points would cause a bad heat conduction and insulation, which will result in a leakage of electricity that would raise a safety problem. Meanwhile, whether the lamination of the PCBs can be departed or not under a high temperature also should be considered when designing of the LED products.