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Benefit From LED Replacement Flashlight Bulbs

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Why do we select the LED replacement Bulbs?

1. As you know, a flashlight which cannot be changed a LED bulb may engulf you in darkness as we cannot guarantee whether the LED bulb of the flashlight will never be burnt during use.So selecting a flashlight with a replaceable bulb, evenif the bulb is damaged during using, users can replace easily it and still use the flashlight normally.

2. A flashlight with replaceable bulbs brings convenient and different experience to users. Besides bulbs of white light, users can replace LED bulbs of different colour light(R,G,B) to meet various needson different occasions.

3. As a kind of accessories, LED replacement bulbs could sell directly on market and are fit for most flashlights, while as an accessory of the flashlight, it is installed in the flashlight, then which becomes distinctive and sells well.

4. With much higher LED brightness, it is so easy to achieve brightness requirement of customers, so no need to worry about heat dissipation of LED replacement bulbs because operating current is not strong and LED temperature is not high. For the earliest LED replacement bulbs,1W LED is just with 40LM, but now 1W with 120LM, and lumens per watt will be much higher in future.

5. Selecting LED replacement bulbs as accessories of your flashlights, they will create more profit and distinctive products for you.

Deshun started to design LED drivers and LED replacement bulbs in 2004. At present, the bulbs Deshun designs can work in the best state under wide operating voltage range, e.g. 1-9V,7-30V, etc. 1-9V bulbs are fit for most flashlights, and 7-30V bulbs for tool flashlights. Moreover, it is very easy to achieve the perfect coordination between brightness and energy conservation through controlling the switch of a flashlight and a dimmable bulb.

We expecting to discusswith you what kind of products to meet market needs and assist you in doing better products.