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To purchase the LED lights, have you ever considered those questions?

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In facing of a great variety of LED lights, some appearances are almost same, but price varies widely. How could we pick out the very LED light we required? Is it better for brighter one? Is it better for a LED light with lower surface temperature? To get answers for these questions, it is necessary for us to know LED’s characteristics and manufacturing process

The first matter for producing LED products is to control their heat dissipation well.

LED is short for Light Emitting Diode. Its lighting principle is that movement of electrons generates light and heat. A high power LED needs the large driver current correspondingly, so it will have higher brightness, but generate more heat which can damage LEDs and accelerate LED’s lumens depreciation. The solution for this problem is choosing low thermal resistance LEDs, high heat-conducting MC PCB, and good materials with adequate heat dissipation surface area as Light body to lower temperature of LED. The surface of the mental looks smoothly, but it is uneven actually, during the process of LED heat conduction, because there is interface heat conduction during metal surfaces, filling with good heat-conducting property glue between metal contacting surfaces is a good way to add heat-conduction area and improve heat-conduction effect. In some products, insufficient heat emitting surface will limit heat conduction of LED. If the current is too large, and the heat generated by LED can’t conduct out, LED products will be damaged easily. Hence the surface temperature of light body is low, we should confirm whether the heat dissipation surface is enough firstly. If low surface temperature is caused by LED internal heat that can’t be conducted out, internal high temperature will damage LED. 

Another key point to produce good LED lights is choosing the right LED driver mode and the driver current fitted heat dissipation of light body. Owing to LED’s characteristics, the large power LED is not suitable for the voltage-stabilizing driver. Using the voltage-stabilizing driver, even the voltage increases a little, the current through the LEDs will also increase a lot. So does LED light temperature, and it finally turns out to be risk of damage to the LED. Therefore, LED constant current driver is the best option. Even if the voltage fluctuates, the current offered by the LED driver can still keep stable, then the heat generated by LED will also keep in a level and not damage LED. As LED has a long life span and generates a lot of heat when working, we should consider LED driver components’ life span and the degree influenced by high temperature. A high efficiency LED driver can reduce power loss on the LED driver and make products more energy-saving.

So judge a LED light is good or not can’t directly through its surface, and it needs a great deal of time for testing. Then choosing a responsible and well-experienced supplier is very important. Deshun Technology, established in 2001, with super ability to innovate and develop new products, which always devotes their selves on high quality LED products. To believe Deshun Technology, he will be your faithful partner.