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Auto LED replacement bulb

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Model: DS730BA9S-1WCN


1. Total Power:   1W

2. LED Power:    3W

3. Input Volt:     7-30V DC (Alternative: 1-9V)

4. Intensity:      100-120 LM

5. Light Angle:   120 

6. LED Brand:    Made-in-china(Alternative:CREE, LUXEON)

7. Color Temp:   Warm White (Alternative: Pure White, Cool White )

8. Lamp holder:  focus on maglte flashlight

9. Lifespan:      >50000 hrs


1. All of our LED bulbs Inset a high-efficient constant current LED driver

The LED driver enables the bulb to work under a stable current, so as to decrease the LED’s lumens depreciation and extending its lifespan.

2. Auto temperature control

The temperature of bulb can be automatically controlled by the built-in LED driver. When the bulb’s heat increases to some degree, the circuit will adjust the highest temperature to a safety scope.

3. Reverse Polarity Protection Function

The function is for preventing the bulb was burnt when the power supply is connected reversely.