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BA9S LED bulbs

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Model: DS730BA9SC-1WCN


1. Total Power:   1W

2. LED Power:    3W

3. Input Volt:     7-30V DC (Alternative: 1-9V)

4. Intensity:      100-120 LM

5. Light Angle:   180 

6. LED Brand:    Made-in-china

7. Color Temp:   Warm White (Alternative: Pure White, Cool White )

8. Lamp holder:  focus on maglte flashlight

9. Lifespan:      >50000 hrs



1. Inset a high-efficient constant current LED driver

The driver enables the bulb to work under a stable current, so as to decrease the LED’s lumens depreciation and extending its lifespan.

2. Auto temperature control

The temperature of bulb can be automatically controlled by the built-in LED driver. When the bulb’s heat increases to some degree, the circuit will adjust the highest temperature to a safety scope.

3. Reverse Polarity Protection Function

The function is for preventing the bulb was burnt when the power supply is connected reversely.

4. LED car lights use direct current and they are not required AC current.

5. LED car light are often used for decorating cars both inside and outside the car