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Tactical Flashlights

Tactical Flashlights

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Model: DS10S  /  DS10S-L

  • Light Source: 10W Super LED
  • Illuminance at 800 meters 0.25 lux
  • Luminous Flux 500 LM


The LED tactical flashlight, using only 10W small power super LED as light source. The distance of light searching reaches 800 meters. The type of D10Scan be mounted on gun. And the extended type, D10S-L can be equipped onrifle for long-distance aiming and searching. Rotating ts head can zoom the light into general lighting. The dual-purpose is not available for other dedicated aiming torches or LED flashlights. The lighting source of super LED is designed according to the optical structure. It concentrated the light through optical processing which achieved long illuminance distance with small power. This LED light is safe. However, it is common sense to note that all the strong light should avoid direct to human eyes.


  • With special optical structure and light source, the illuminance distance is farther than other ordinary LED torches.
  • The power of the flashlight is only 10W, but the illuminance distance can up to 800 meters, which is difficult to achieve by other LED flashlight.
  • Due to the small power, it can be less power consumption and longer battery run time.
  • Due to the small power, it can be designed as a small-sized flashlightfor easy carrying.
  • With standard battery The model D10S uses one 18650 battery, it is convenient for using on the gun. The model D10S-L uses two cells of 18650 batteries, it is convenient for using on the rifle.
  • Rotating the head of the flashlight, the viewing angle is zoom-able from 2 to 20 degrees for long-distance aiming or close range general lighting.
  • There is a waterproof design for outdoor applications.
  • It is easy to replace the battery for outdoor continuous usage.
  • Three modes: Super bright, Energy-saving bright, Strobe.
  • Applicable to frontier guards, police, soldier and hunting, for anyone who required easy carrying, long-range aiming and lighting



D10S / D10S-L

Power consumption
Light Source
Super LED
LED Luminous Flux
Illuminance at 5 meters
Illuminance at 800 meters
Run Time - Super bright
30 / 60Minutes
Run Time - Eco bright
480 / 960Minutes
Run Time - Strobe
45 / 90Minutes
Battery Type
Battery Quantity
1 OR 2(D10S) OR (D10SL)

Batteries Included
Viewing angle(zoom-able)
2°- 20°
Working Conditions Temperature
-25℃ - +60℃
Dimensions141 X 35 X 26mm (D10S)

207 X 35 X 26mm (D10SL)
Net weight
140g (D10S)
165g (D10S)

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  • When the flashlight is not in use, remove the battery and store it separately to avoidcorrosion and shortening its service life.
  • Do not disassemble the flashlight. Or some damages will be caused, and the flashlightcan not be used normally.
  • All super bright light must be avoided shooting at eyes directly, it might cause a shortblind-sight or damage of the eyes.
  • If the flashlight is not used for a long time, its battery is recommended to charge everythree months.
  • Apply a little lubricant to the screw and O-rings when you can not screw the tail cap smoothl.
  • Before diving, please check the sealing rings are perfect. If they are damaged, please change them in time,and screw the tail cap tightly by a rod-shaped tool.


Appearance Colour


Black or Gray


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