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Upgrade Mag-Lite LED Bulbs’ Flashlights

Upgrade Mag-Lite LED Bulbs’ Flashlights

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Item No.:   DS1509MAG-420W  /  DS1509MAGT3-420W

Description of selected models


This bulb, which has no built-in dimming function, is suitable for dimming
Mag-lite LED flashlights, and non-dimming Mag-lite LED flashlights.


The bulb has built-in dimming function, with 100% high brightness and 35% medium brightness and 10 % energy - saving the energy.

It is applicable to the dimming Mag-lite LED flashlights.


Output Lumens:380 Lumens

Operating Voltage:1.5 – 9.0 V (2- 6 cells)

Run Time High:50 Hours

Power Consumption:4 Walt



DOSOE launched this upgrade LED bulb to replace the Mag-Lite bulbs, and upgrade C / D / ML / MINI AA / XL50 / XL 100 / Xl200 flashlights to get more brightness and longer running time. No matter how many batteries are used, the upgraded LED bulb can work within the operating voltage 1.5V -9.0 V (2-6 cells). The MAG-LITE LED flashlights are sold all around the world. However, original Maglite LED bulb has poor heat dissipation and unstable circuit, even no built-in LED drive circuit. In this case, it is easy to burn out the original LED bulb. In addition, the brightness of the original LED bulb is not bright enough, so there is a good choice to improve the brightness by replacing DOSOE upgrade LED bulb.





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