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Super Bright Waterproof Flashlight

Super Bright Waterproof Flashlight

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Long range Hunting
Maritime rescuing Searching
Deep-sea Diving
Deep-cave Exploring
100M Waterproof flashlight
1000LM super bright torch
Runtime 200 hours

  • Waterproof LED torch/diving torch/super bright flashlight

  • Features
    • Many patents  for appearance and water-proof structure.
    • Up to 100 meters waterproof.
    • Industry or military grade  electronic components.
    • The professionaiiC of  LED circuit supply by the National semiconductor of the USA, the circuit works efficiently and stably.
    • Reverse battery protection circuit, the flashlight would not be lighted and burnt by the reversed battery.
    • Hard anodic oxidation surface treatment, wear and scratch  resistant.
    • Be useful two modes of the super bright and energy-saving. The former is suitable for working at long-range searching, and its light beam could reach the distance of 500 meters. The  latter is especially applied for exploration in deep caves, and  its long running time of up to 200 hours could get the faith of working in dark.
  • Passed CE test,It would not interfere other electronic devices.
    Submitto the RoHS directive,All material are certified by environmental
  • Parameters
    Maximum Brightness: 1000 LM Beam Distance: 500 M
    Water proof: 100  meters
    Running time at Super bright:4 hours or 6 hours
    Brightness mode: Super bright, middle, low and energy saving
    Light  source: CREE XML-U3
    Material: Aircraft aluminum Surface treatment: hard anodizing Surface Color: greyish-green
    Working environment temperature: -40″C -+65″C
    Net weight: 61Og /770g (Not include batteries)