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Double blade punch cutter
Double blade Punch cutter
Double blade Punch cutter

Double blade punch cutter

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Model:  DB-50B (Black) / DB-50S (Silver)


Dimension: D15 x D13 x L47.8 mm
Big blade: 11 mm
Small blade: 8 mm
Needle length: 22 mm
Net weight: 20 grams


Double blade punch cutter. PDF


Double blade Punch cutter

Accessories Option

Key chain usage
Fish-shaped bottle opener
Cross-key chain usage
Moon-star key chain usage
Ring shaped
Glass-breaker and tobacco pipe tamper
Tobacco pipe tamper and key chain usage


Upgrade to DB-100


Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9inPSVlBqBs&list=PLXZR5DTWO3POlvXjG82aJepmMmVpVPDFj&index=2&t=66s